Saturday • 4 Feb2017


Tried to read and have a few moments to myself and my magazines and coffee. But failed as I have so many work tasks and the kids only to myself, Kaloyan is swamped in work as well,  not able to come home for a proper sleep or meal, that I was only getting enervated by the passing time and me-not working. In the afternoon we went out the three of us, ate ice-cream, met with Rayna and visited two exhibitions. Later on cooked some dinner and Rayna and Zori stayed till 1 in the morning for some girl talk.


30 Jan – 3 Febr2017

This past week has been especially hard on me – my physical and mental health. I have several projects to juggle with alone as Boiana is on a winter ski holiday for two weeks. And on top of that I felt badly sick by some nasty flue. I was running on meetings, working from home as much as possible and feeling I could die. Of course nothing is as tragic. Now I am much much better and healthier. Still crushed under the burden of the work…

Tuesday • 24 Jan2017



Studio Komplekt has been invited to work on a new commissioned project by the agency of MINI (BMW) – Noble. It was a quick summon with almost impossible deadlines. Here we are taking a tour around the gallery where the concept for the installation should be taking place for three days in February.Currently, the gallery (Photosynthesis) has another exhibition.